So I’m A Little Traeped On This Fancam Today

My day started with me following a link to this video – a fan cam of EXO’s rehearsal during the Korea-China Friendship show held recently. It’s awesome for a number of reasons:

1. Kris Focus – Kris’s gawkiness is rather majestic, I think. His discomfort at having to maneuver his body through choreography is cringe-worthy, but I can’t tear my eyes away from the hot mess that is Kris Wu. He’s got some go-to hand movements that he employs when he’s required to freestyle for the camera, and he shows them off here in all his self-conscious glory! Check him out flailing his arms and just having fun.

2. Luhan – When the drums kick in, he starts clapping and bouncing around to the beat and it’s too too adorable. I love how Luhan reacts to music, like he’s just got to DANCE.

3. Kai – Kai the danseur, off to one side leads the dance practice. It’s so automatic for him ❤

4. The fancam videographer’s little laugh – Somehow I know we’re laughing at the same things.

5. Chanyeol – God, boy you are so long.

6. When Kris and Xiumin start dancing with each other – It ends with Kris back-hugging Xiumin!!!!

7. TaoRis – I don’t really ship them, but when TaoRis get together it’s just fun to watch for some reason.

8. Siwon Derp Face Action

9. Kyuhun Cameo

10. EXO moving as one huge wolf pup pack.