What I Listened To In 2015 – Part 3

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In the spirit of being authentic, I am excluding songs that were obviously huge this year that I didn’t much care for. K-pop stans might notice a glaring lack of certain groups and tracks from this series. I may have listened to the excluded songs once or twice, they may have been masterpieces for all the tracks are worth, but if they didn’t really matter to me this year those won’t make it on this list. After all, biases are everything in K-pop.


“Playboy” EXO

…which is why I am beginning here with a non-album track from EXO’s full-length album “EXODUS” called “Playboy”. This track deserves its own post because damn. 

I would like to thank SHINee’s Jonghyun for penning this track and giving it to his dongsaengs instead of keeping it for himself.

“Playboy” is worth the price of admission in EXOluXionthe boys’ second solo concert that kicked off in Seoul this year –  I say this as a certified card-carrying K-pop fandom ruining thirsty noona. My favorite pairing in the choreography is Chanyeol and Chen- physically they look good swaying back-to-back. That chorus hits and 50 new fanfics automatically appear on Livejournal.  When Chanyeol pulls Chen to his side and Chen holds on, there is not a dry pair in the arena. Plus, Chen is the member who knows what’s up when it comes to 19+ thoughts and won’t hesitate to fan the flames.


“I Caught Ya” Miss A

I like listening to Miss A when I want to think about what it must be like dating Lee Min Ho. Their mini-album “Colours” was pretty sassy overall, but I liked this track the most because it has the most attitude out of the six tracks. This song’s all about catching that scrub in flagrante delicto, actually not giving a fuck and sending the cheater on his own way with a dismissive “At least put your pants back on.” Cheers!

“See You” Primary (feat. BSK and Gaeko)

Primary’s schtick is wearing a cardboard box over his head, but never mind that. I dig his jazzy hip-hop. I came across this track by accident (*cough* Spotify) and in fact, I’ve never listened to Primary in the past.  A glissando announcing these guys are about to spout some boy-girl gospel, a downtown-as- hell bassline plus a horn section put this track on the top shelf.


“The Light” The Ark

Early this year, the girl group The Ark debuted with a solid track, “The Light”. We heard it, loved it, watched their debut stages as they did the rounds on the weekly music shows and based on a hip-hop aesthetic that was totally refreshing (a girl group debut that was neither cute nor sexy – just awesome), thought these talented young women would be the nugu girl group to conquer 2015 but then…


…What happened, guys? You could have at least left us with a mini-album!

Lesson: When debuting, do not release an MV that is depressing as hell.

“Ah Yeah” EXID

The whispered line “Where do you live/do you live alone?” that appears at the beginning of the track and again right after the bridge is supposed to be ominous but the way EXID tosses the victim card out the window makes me think that tables were not so much as turned but flipped right over. That deceptively easy-looking ankle-twist/thigh-pop/hip-thrust step is a victory “Imma get laid” dance if I ever saw one.





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