The Fourth K-Pop Writers’ Workshop! (Or, How I Learned to Love Feedback and Stop Worrying)


The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop has had two major goals from the very beginning, goals which immediately set us apart from other projects. We help K-entertainment writers improve their craft and continuously expand our community for the benefit of participants and alumni — most major editorial teams hold long-term, in-house training and workshops, but we’re different because we bring together a diverse group of writers for a short-term program. We provide a space for writers to meet their peers and get to know them further throughout their stay with us (which extends way past the workshop period!), including veteran writers and “big names” in K-entertainment writing. We have built a community of writers and affiliations that we continuously tap into for the benefit of our past, present, and future participants. Beyond networking, the simplicity of the workshop system allows us to make modifications and introduce additions, major or minor, that will hopefully improve the quality of our program and the learning experience we provide.

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