Late to the Party: February 2014 Picks

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February was a month of really high high’s and terribly low low’s, but K-pop wise, this month was consistent in delivering some exciting new stuff from big names in the biz, as well as some awesome ones from the nugu side of K-pop town.

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Late to the Party: January 2014 Picks

The first quarter of the year is through in thirty days, and so far so steady in terms of comebacks and debuts in K-pop – if by “steady” you really mean “break-neck speed.” New releases cannot come any quicker for our faves and raves, but that’s par for the course in K-pop where the demand is mighty and the thirst is real. As someone who previously didn’t care for newness pop culture-wise, I’ve had to adjust my mindset from getting into an artist months or years after they come in vogue (and sometimes even way past their sell-by date) to frantically keeping up with those who haven’t even been born yet. I thought it might be a good idea coming up with a semi-regular thing on this blog where I dig out from under recent faves and new faves that have been there for a while that I’ve just gotten into.

January music dls

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