SHINee Shimmery Splendid!


So the date for the SHINee/EXO-K show in Manila was announced two Saturdays ago and I was not ready for the onslaught of feels that swooped down over me as the news broke. I’m so happy that I was with a friend of the cause when I read the tweet. Otherwise, I could have spazzed right then and there and strangers would have had to step over my body. September 7 is so close you guys, and in my newly assimilated vocabulary started throwing around buzz words like “iponing”, which as I’ve learned, literally means “to save up ” in Filipino K-pop fan-speak. Lord knows those concert tickets don’t come cheap. #Iponing it is, then. That, and hwaiting! 

Is this my first K-pop show? No. My first K-pop show was very recent – it was last month. I caught CNBLUE at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. I vacillated between getting a general admission ticket at 700Php a pop (about $17) and getting a decent seat – Upper Box or Lower Box which ranged from 4,000Php to 6,000Php ++. As I stood in front of the ticket booth with little over a month’s worth of rent, the thought of acquiring patron tickets for 8,000Php++ (about $200) flashed through my mind. Why not. Something like electricity coursed through my body realizing I was about to spend a significant chunk of my income on a concert of a band whose members I can’t even identify and whose discography I just started listening to a week prior. Normal people would save up for dental surgery, payment on a car loan or a house, insurance. K-pop fans do iponing precisely for moments like this. It was a defining moment, in my newborn state as a K-pop fan. Part of me was curious about how soon I’d regret shelling out for Upper A box seat tickets at 4,700Php (about $115.) I’m still waiting for it to sink in.

Is this my first K-pop show for a group that I stan? YES. It’s TWO groups that I stan so DOUBLE THE FEELS. (Well, technically 1.5 the feels because only EXO-K is in the lineup.) My brain hasn’t absorbed the EXO-K part of the feels yet. But SHINee. SHINee. Fucking SHINee. Not only will I do iponing,  I will also do tambling, or doing cartwheels for the sake of accomplishing something. For you Onew, Minho, Key you frickin’ diva, Jonghyun, Taeminnie. While I muster up the willpower for iponing, I imagine how the show will play out, mapping future memories as scenarios get added. I start building the SHINee Shimmery Splendid show in my mind.

Here’s my dream set list:

  1. Lucifer
  2. Sherlock
  3. Why So Serious
  4. Hello
  5. Electric Heart
  6. Breaking News
  7. Stand By Me
  8. Bodyguard
  9. Dream Girl
  10. Replay
  11. Ring Ding Dong

On their Japan Arena Tour 2012, the boys did a couple of covers – “Amazing Grace” and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”. I’m not sure if either song holds any kind of cultural significance to the band or to the audience, but I didn’t get it. “Amazing Grace” sounded awkward and out of place. Not to mention, difficult to deliver unless one had Aretha Franklin –level pipes. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” just sounded weird and dated, and I failed to appreciate it musically within the context of the show. I appreciated it on an absurd, entertainment “What is going on?” level, but I like weird out-of-place crap like that. I’d probably want each member to have a portion all to their own, to sing one song that would best show-off their strengths as performers, but off the top of my head, here are some highlights:

1. “The KKK Took My Baby Away” (Ramones) – Key would cover this. On the reality show “One Fine Day” he expressed his love for the Ramones, which completely sealed my allegiance to Almighty Key. His favorite Ramones song is “Oh, Oh, I Love Her So.” The fact that he liked the Ramones came as no surprise to me. It felt right that he would be into them. I imagine Key sporting a Johnny Ramone haircut, either a white t-shirt or a vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a leather jacket, and tight ripped jeans or jean shorts. He can wear whatever shoes he wants to make the look completely his. It would rock so hard.

2. Since this show is happening in Manila, and as an audience we love it when foreign artists address us in Filipino, I would want to give Onew an OPM ballad that would showoff his vocals. OPM simply means “Original Pilipino Music”, and it’s generally used an umbrella term to describe contemporary Filipino music. I’m so tempted to give him a Ryan Cayabyab piece like “Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka”, but I’m not sure if Onew can handle the phrasing. I think as an audience we Pinoys are forgiving when it comes to foreign idols taking on anything local to connect with us, such as an OPM song, or even a simple greeting in Tagalog but we love it even more when it exceeds our expectations. I honestly can’t decide what piece to give him because I am imagining too many OPM songs I want him to take on.

3. “I Don’t Care” (Icona Pop) – again, Key would take the lead. I imagine him doing this if only to hear him screaming the line “YOU’RE FROM THE 70S BUT I’M A 90S BITCH”  I love it!

4. Minho would sing some freaking Air Supply ballad and everyone goes wild.

5. Just for he hell of it I want Jonghyun to do Usher ‘s “You Make Me” or “Burn”. If not Usher,then Craig David.

6. I know Taemin does covers sometimes, but I haven’t heard him do any in English. Help me out, guys. I’d probably settle for a dance cover just to see him bust a sweet move.


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