EXO’s EX’ACT Review, Part 3: Album


Both the Korean and Chinese versions of EX’ACT have nine tracks plus two instrumental versions of “Lucky One” and “Monster”. At first I wanted more tracks for the full-length album. EXODUS had ten, its repackage Love Me Right had fourteen, but nine tracks feels right.

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EXO’s EX’ACT Review, Part 2: Lucky One and Monster Teasers & MV’s


EXO-L’s were getting two new title songs for this comeback – and with it two teaser concepts and two music videos. Taking off from the puzzle-like “Pathcode” teasers from 2015’s “Call Me Baby” comeback/EXODUS promotions, EX’ACT was shaping up in the same cryptic vein. The official SMTOwn Global microsite for EXO featured a countdown that eventually revealed two brand new logos, the change a signature of every EXO comeback.

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What I Listened To In 2015 – Part 5

What I Listened To Part 5.PNG


I’m beginning to realize that I may have overestimated the K-pop tracks I really loved in 2015. I listened to hundreds of them, thought I loved about a fifth of the total, but in the end, I really could only stand to write about half that number. So what I said in the beginning that this year-ender would be comprised of about a hundred tracks give or take? It’s leaning towards more towards “take” now.  It’s time to be honest and unmerciful.

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What I Listened To In 2015 – Part 3

What I Listened To Header 3.PNG

In the spirit of being authentic, I am excluding songs that were obviously huge this year that I didn’t much care for. K-pop stans might notice a glaring lack of certain groups and tracks from this series. I may have listened to the excluded songs once or twice, they may have been masterpieces for all the tracks are worth, but if they didn’t really matter to me this year those won’t make it on this list. After all, biases are everything in K-pop.

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